About The National Women’s Political Caucus

NWPC Sacramento is the Sacramento regional chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus, a 40-year-old multi-partisan national organization dedicated to electing and appointing pro-choice women to public office at all levels of government. The Caucus does this through education, campaign training, recruiting women candidates, and endorsing and supporting them for appointment or election. The Caucus considers supporting women candidates in any party and for offices at all levels, but endorses only those who support our bottom-line issues (reproductive rights, non-discrimination, equal pay for equal work, child care, the Equal Rights Amendment, etc.) and who are viable candidates.

Many Caucus-endorsed women have been elected since the Caucus formed in 1972, contributing greatly to increased numbers in office. But women overall have quite a way to go to achieve parity–a 50-50 male-female split. However, even in the numbers currently represented–about 17% of Congress and 23% of state legislatures, women in office have shown they make a difference in public policy. Research confirms that women elected officials are more willing to prioritize policies related to the Caucus’ bottom line issues; they also pay greater attention to issues not necessarily specific to women but often dismissed as “women’s concerns”, including family economics and other “safety net” concerns.

The NWPC is organized at three levels: national, which endorses women for national and statewide offices; the state of California, which endorses candidates for statewide and state legislative offices; and local–about a dozen statewide which endorse candidates for city, county, school board and other local or regional offices. Local caucuses also advise the state and national organizations regarding candidates seeking higher office who come from that local area. All levels of the Caucus work on campaign training, member education, and assisting endorsed candidates get elected. Given its mission, the Caucus endorses women candidates only, but it does work on public policy issues with male elected officials who support our bottom-line issues.

Activities pursued by local caucuses, including Sacramento, including endorsing candidates for primary and general elections by a systematic process, and fundraising to support candidates and caucus activities. The caucus also provides education programs, especially campaign and appointments training for national, state, and local appointed positions; candidate volunteer support; collaborative work with other organizations on key women’s issues; and programs to reach out to the community.

Please consider joining the Caucus and, even more, becoming an active member–helping to plan, organize and carry out the key work that will result in more women in public office and more priority given the concerns of women and their families in public policy.