NWPC Sacramento is the Sacramento regional chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus, a nearly 50-year-old multi-partisan national organization dedicated to electing and appointing progressive pro-choice women to public office at all levels of government. The Caucus does this through education, campaign training, recruiting women candidates, and endorsing and supporting them for appointment or election.

The Caucus endorses women only, and considers supporting candidates in any party and for offices at all levels. We endorse only those who support our bottom-line issues (reproductive rights, non-discrimination, equal pay for equal work, child care, the Equal Rights Amendment, etc.) and who are qualified for the office they seek and able to mount a credible campaign.

Although women have made significant progress since the Caucus was formed in 1972, we have a long way to go to 50-50 representation. In 2020, a century after U.S. women achieved the right to vote, women still make up barely 30% of elected officials in the nation. Even so, women are making a difference—prioritizing previously undervalued “women’s issues” and applying a gender lens to public policy, weighing the effects of all issues on women.

NWPC has three levels: national, which endorses women for federal and statewide offices; the state of California, which endorses candidates for statewide and legislative offices; and local, where we focus on supporting candidates for local offices.

At the local level, including Sacramento, we support our local endorsed candidates with fundraising and volunteers. We also offer training and education programs for candidates, campaign leaders, and those seeking appointments; and we work with other organizations to advance women’s rights and political clout.

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